Seven Principles

Each one guides our journey to promote a more sustainable planet

EarthColor’s commitment to sustainability is guided by seven principles

We are committed to developing sustainable solutions for your brand to help you improve your environmental footprint. By implementing and adhering to environmentally sensitive processes, together we can reduce our carbon footprint.

The seven principles that guide our commitment to sustainability are:

Governance & Ethics
A code for environmental and social responsibility that’s transparent, measurable, accountable, and enforceable

Responsible Forestry
An ongoing commitment to protect and promote the management of the world’s forests – vital for the health and longevity of our ecosystem

Environmental Protection
A strong focus on ensuring environmental sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to overall climate protection

Resource Stewardship & Energy Management
Sourcing new and sustainable materials, reducing our energy use and embracing renewable energy sources

Workplace Enrichment
A positive, open, and diverse environment that brings out the best in our people and adds value to our business

Sustainable Supply Chains
Ensuring that everything we do or buy along the supply chain meets rigorous standards for sustainability and chain-of-custody

Beyond Our Borders
An emphasis on client and ENGO partnerships to minimize our environmental impact around the planet

Together we can reduce our carbon footprint through:

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    Environmentally sustainable business practices

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    Responsibly managed forestry programs

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    Lean manufacturing processes

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    Renewable resources