We don’t just print on media, we also make the media we print on.

Earth•Aware® Paper
EarthColor offers its own privately-branded Earth•Aware Paper Line, which is:

  • FSC® and Rainforest Alliance Certified™
  • Elementally Chlorine Free
  • Minimum 10% Post Consumer Waste
  • Carbon-Managed and Climate-Balanced

A significant amount of consideration was devoted to the composition of our Earth•Aware Paper to ensure that it met high standards. It is a great socially responsible and environmentally sustainable alternative, strategically designed with a vastly reduced carbon footprint.

Where emissions cannot be eliminated from our Earth•Aware Paper line, we proactively purchase both domestic and international carbon offsets. Presently, EarthColor partners with the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) supporting forest conservation and economic development in the Appalachian Mountains, and with Conservation International supporting responsible forestry management and sustainable development in Madagascar through the Makira Reserve Project.

Use the Earth Savings Estimator to learn what your environmental savings impact would be by printing on Earth•Aware paper.

Earth•Everlit Substrate

  • Backlit capable media without the need for back illumination
  • Completely recyclable PET plastic
  • Superior quality compared to other plastic media

It delivers a product with superior color and shadow detail, smoother gradations, sharper type and line art, natural skintones with less grain and finer resolution with tack sharp type. It is fade resistant, has no need for lamination and requires no back illumination so it can’t go dark, like a Duratrans. And most importantly, when you are done with your campaign, it’s completely recyclable. Environmental, earth friendly…it’s Earth•Everlit.

Earth•Everlit is a patent pending process of printing on environmentally
friendly PET plastic.