Benefits of working with EarthColor.

  • We have 5 facilities in 4 states
  • Ranked among the country’s largest commercial printers
  • Investment in innovations that improve our service and your products
  • Each facility uses the same platforms for color, prepress and proofing
  • Gracol Certified
  • Closed-loop Color Control

After nearly 30 years working in the print and graphic solutions industry we learned very quickly that the best way to stay relevant is to be both innovative as well as efficient. We have 5 facilities in 4 states across the US. Our facilities are designated in their functions so that they mirror each other and create a redundancy. Every stage of your project can be quickly and efficiently handled at the facility that makes the most sense at that time. This level of efficiency is very difficult for most printers to achieve.

The reason why we can do this and most cannot is because we invest heavily in innovation. All of our machines, from computer to the press are standardized for color. When we acquire new machinery, the technology is compatible to the single pre-press system that we use. This way every piece of machinery we have on hand speaks the same language when it comes to files and color. That is why our plant in Parsippany, NJ can produce the same high-quality product as our sister plant in Pompano Beach, FL.

Speaking of technology and innovation, do you know when the licenses for the images you’re using in your ongoing integrated marketing campaign expire? If you were using our Asset Management (AIM) service you would. We offer this service so that you can have web access to every piece of digital imagery you use. It’s not limited to vector and bitmap files either; you can catalog video, PPTs, PDFs, audio and just about everything else you might use in any type of media.

Contact one of our sales representatives and let’s start planning your upcoming project.