Our Six Principles of Sustainability is what we use to guide the daily decisions we make.

1. Governance and Ethics

We have worked hard to gain credibility and a good reputation within the print communications industry. That is why good governance, ethics and active engagement underpin not only our sustainability policies and initiatives, but also our entire business.

Responsible business conduct requires accountability, honesty and integrity in all matters.
Open and honest dialogue with our stakeholders, partners, clients and employees has been instrumental in driving the success of our environmental programs — we are ready to advance that conversation further.

The bottom line: Sustainability is an integral part of our business, company values, governance, vision and performance. It’s simply the way we operate — from the top-down and the bottom-up.

2. Responsible Forestry

Realizing that our business and industry is heavily reliant upon one of the world’s most important natural resources — trees — we are genuinely committed to using and promoting responsible forest management.

3. Environmental Protection

We aim to be the print communications’ industry leader in environmental sustainability and climate protection. We are committed to growing our business while making a positive difference for the environment and the communities in which we operate.

EarthColor is staunchly committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Our manufacturing efforts are managed towards protecting human health and we are actively involved in reducing our impact on the air, soil and water. Our company employs a comprehensive umbrella program called DEPCOR (Design, Engineer, Procure, Consume, and Recycle) putting structure to integrating sustainable design, engineering, procurement, consumption and recycling. The key idea behind this program is to evaluate the life cycle assessment of products and materials that we use and produce — sort of the cradle-to-cradle concept. In other words, everything is geared to drive efficiency and sustainability throughout our entire business.

4. Resource Stewardship & Energy Management

Natural resources are finite and to this end we are continuously striving to reduce consumption, seeking environmentally friendly and sustainable material sources, efficiently managing and reducing our energy use, and embracing renewable energy sources.

Reduce, reuse, recycle has become something of a mantra to us. But we don’t stop there ‒ we actively seek out environmentally friendly and sustainable material sources, and embrace renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and biomass.

We also understand our responsibility to minimize our water use and reduce our impact.

5. Workplace Enrichment

We foster a diverse yet inclusive work environment which inspires creativity and innovation, adds value to our business, drives our growth and provides professional development opportunities for our employees.

We believe all employees have the right to work in a professional atmosphere which promotes equal opportunity and prohibits discrimination. We strive to be a great place to work by fostering a safe, dignified and inclusive work environment.

6. Beyond Our Borders

Our choices and decisions have an impact well beyond our borders and we are committed to not only minimizing that impact but also working with our partners and clients to inspire and motivate positive change that benefits all.