Case Studies

A Smart Solution for High-Volume Personalized Print Jobs

Find out how a telecommunications giant was able to implement an awareness program and deliver effective collateral.

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Automated Marketing Solutions for Pharmaceutical Companies

Find out how a pharmaceutical company saved time and cut costs through a custom-built platform.

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Automated Solutions for Greater Customer Loyalty

Learn how a lodging company increased member signups and improved customer retention through their loyalty program.

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Automated Solutions for Managed Care Marketing

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company improved the accuracy and time-to-market of their pull-through materials.

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Digital Solutions for Superior Printing and More Efficient Production

Explore how a leading B2B publisher of personalized holiday greeting cards revamped their production process and enhanced their product offering.

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Driving Success for Pharmaceutical Brands

Discover how a pharmaceutical company overcame regulatory changes and streamlined important formulary updates and information to physicians and managed care organizations.

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Promoting Patient Adherence through Multi-Channel Marketing

Learn how a leading pharmaceutical company increased patient compliance by providing highly personalized materials.

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The Value of Communication and Collaboration for Direct Mail

Discover how a leading telecommunications company built an integrated solution involving multiple players with the goal of transforming their email program into a triggered campaign that included print-on-demand.

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Time Saving Solution For A Global, Luxury Retailer

Discover how a globally recognized luxury goods retailer maintained high quality printing by reducing their production time and saving money.

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Inline Imaging and Finishing

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Introducing AIM from EarthColor

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Pharma Marketing

It’s no secret the pharmaceutical world has undergone drastic changes, which have altered the rules and goals of marketers within the industry. To be successful now means that you must effectively reach all segments across all channels, including physicians, payers, and patients, while arming your field sales team with faster, more effective, personalized communications. This may sound overwhelming, but with EarthColor’s pharma marketing solutions, it doesn’t have to be. Learn more about how Pharma by EarthColor can help you achieve your communication goals.