Print industry, meet Canopy.

Canopy is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to conserving and protecting the world’s forests, species and climate. Its mission is to “green the supply chain” by working with the forest industry’s biggest customers to develop environmental procurement policies that prioritize sustainable products.

EarthColor and Canopy first partnered in 2009, and have been collaborating closely ever since. We have been actively involved in providing third-party knowledge and expertise to assist in the development of comprehensive forest resource policies amongst printers.

With Canopy’s guidance, we have established an Ancient Forest Stewardship Policy, which supports the protection of ancient and endangered forests. Any client using Ancient Forest Friendly™ papers may use the trademarked “Ancient Forect Friendly” logo on the printed products and materials to demonstrate the positive impact they too are making.

EarthColor has also been proactively supporting Canopy’s efforts to promote “tree-free” papers, specifically papers made of agricultural residues and pulps. We are currently running trial print runs on paper made from wheat straw and we are doing trial print runs on two stocks, one of which is sourced from Canada and the other from India. Both sheets offer a positive alternative, relieving pressure on our forests and natural resources, while helping to provide a stream of income for the agricultural sector. The results so far are promising and we really hope to get this initiative off the ground in the coming two to three years.


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