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Enhance your brand messaging platform through cost-saving, waste-reducing technology that helps you to better connect with your customers

Transform traditional print into dynamic measurable communications with EarthColor Alchemy™

The EarthColor Alchemy™ system provides you with market-tested templates to personalize and populate with your unique brand messaging and designs. Incorporate copy and graphics into any of the templates and transform your static print into dynamic communication. Learn more about EarthColor Alchemy™

Through an innovative asset management system and automated manufacturing for marketing solution, we help you to streamline your processes while adding value to your customer communications.

Simplify Asset Management with Active Image Management (AIM)

AIM is an innovative system that allows you to upload, search, locate, share, add metadata, convert, download, and utilize your assets quickly and cost effectively. AIM adds value to your digital asset management process. It is intuitive, flexible, easy to setup and cost-effective. Learn more about AIM.

“Print Your Way” with am4m

Our automated manufacturing for marketing solution, or am4m, streamlines the process of producing and distributing marketing materials to develop effective print campaigns.

With three different submission models available, you’re are able to select a submission method that is most suitable for your organization.

  • Data2Print – enables users to upload their data directly into am4m
  • Cloud2Print – a system-to-system integration that gives am4m the ability to gather data from your organization’s database
  • Web2Print – an interactive web-based platform that enables users to create and upload design templates to your platform
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EarthColor’s technology can help enhance your brand messaging platform:

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    Minimize costs

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    Connect with your customers

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    Reduce waste and obsolescence

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    Eliminate inefficient processes

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    Uphold brand integrity