Scodix SENSE™

Excite your customers with unique, creative designs and communications using Scodix SENSETM

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Make your brand stand out with Scodix SENSETM

Scodix is a print enhancement that adds a tactile effect to your finished product. Scodix’s versatility means that you can create any texture you can think of, from sandpaper rough to silky smooth.

Improve your customer’s experience with your brand when you add Scodix SENSETM to your print communications.
  • Grab customer’s attention
  • Trigger emotions, feelings and sensations unique to your brand
  • Increase customer engagement

Adding Scodix SENSETM texture creates eye-catching impact, leading to higher response rates and increased sales*


increased view time for items with Scodix SENSETM


higher attention paid to items enhanced with Scodix SENSETM


of people touch an item with Scodix SENSETM

The possibilities with Scodix SENSETM are endless

EarthColor’s team of experts partner with you to use Scodix SENSETM state-of-the-art print enhancement technology to transform ordinary print and mail pieces into extraordinary pieces of art by adding unique textures. Scodix SENSETM uses a clear polymer that is printed directly onto the item, creating a three dimensional effect.

Scodix SENSETM excites the senses:

  • Makes your brand stand out from communications clutter
  • Increases consumer interaction with your brand
  • Builds engagement and loyalty
  • Improves response rates
  • Drives additional purchases
  • Adds value to your products or services

Be the first to market with Scodix SENSETM. The EarthColor team is available to help you create your own projects and campaigns.

*Source: Institut Schantz, Neubauer & Partner

Get your customers excited with unique, creative designs and communications using Scodix SENSETM

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    Enhance even the finest details

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    Heighten tactile experience

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    Personalize imaging

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    Vary densities to create high impact textural designs

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    Use high gloss polymer to make colors vibrant