Integrated marketing support for the healthcare industry.

EarthColor has developed industry expertise in verticals, so our solutions are meaningful and bring value to our clients’ core competencies. We continue to add solutions to our existing vertical concentrations and new verticals are being considered every day. The insurance and healthcare industries have specific needs that are compliance driven, as well as product and state specific. While transactional documents continue to move towards electronic delivery, there is still significant demand for printed materials. Member and patient confidentiality add to the complexity of this vertical and require secure environments and disaster-recovery protocols. Companies are judged by the manner in which they treat their members, agents and service providers. EarthColor can provide the environment and service levels to support the most demanding companies.

Presenting an Explanation of Benefits and other claim statements requires the ability to meet strict deadlines, handle increased demand, and respond to changes in rules and regulations in a cross media platform that supports the trend towards electronic delivery. EarthColor has the tools and preparedness to handle your claim statements and contract fulfillment.

The value of corporate benefit packages is increasingly recognized as a significant part of employees’ overall compensation. Clearly explaining and illustrating the value is both important and prudent. These sponsorcommunications require variable data printing platforms that allow color and B&W printing as well as the ability to handle variable page counts and binding styles. Mailings are often small, but customized to the brokers and companies sponsoring the plans.

With a vast array of imaging platforms, EarthColor can provide member cards on a number of different substrates from PVC and polyester to paper and laminated products, as well as integrated documents with embedded cards. Depending on the product, company choice or protected class, EarthColor can provide the right solution to fulfill your member cards and the support documents that accompany them.

How are your representatives promoting your services to their clients and prospects? EarthColor’s best-in-class tools allow for customized proposals and presentations at the highest quality while controlling costs and maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Not all providers are treated equally – some command higher fees for their patient base. With EarthColor’s experience and complex daProvt-driven printing and fulfillment, the process of managing and communicating pricing can easily be facilitated.