EarthColor Alchemy™

Transform traditional print into dynamic measurable communications

Alchemy (n): a power or process of transforming something common into something special

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Creating personalized marketing communications with EarthColor Alchemy™ is easy.

With Alchemy™, EarthColor has designed the first-ever, easy-to-follow Variable Data Printing (VDP) job submission system. EarthColor Alchemy™ is a pre-planned VDP workflow created to give you the tools you need to create dynamic print messaging. It’s a template-based system that saves you time and money and delivers personalized print communication.


Research shows that personalized print messaging delivers higher response rates and increased engagement:

  • Response rates for targeted direct mail are 30 times higher than email alone – 4.4% vs 0.12%.1
  • Personalized direct mail linked to digital communication creates a 10-30% increase in conversion among consumers.2
  • In one study, adding a personalized URL to print communications produced a 79% lift in response rates.2


Wondering how to get started?

  • Review your current marketing initiatives and choose one that would benefit from personalized communication.
  • Select one of EarthColor Alchemy’s™ 15 products that best fits the needs of your marketing program – Bronze, Silver or Gold.
  • Estimate the quantities needed and contact your EarthColor Sales Executive to obtain a price quote
  • Log into the EarthColor Alchemy™ site. It’s the simplest workflow available to get your personalized mail piece into the marketplace.
  • Follow the steps: Download, Populate, Upload.
  • It’s easy! We’re here to help. Consult with EarthColor Alchemy™ experts at any time.



EarthColor Alchemy™ demonstrates the impact and ease of personalized print communication using:

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    Market-tested templates

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    Unique messaging

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    Standardized workflows