EarthColor Alchemy™

Transform traditional print into dynamic measurable communications

Alchemy (n): a power or process of transforming something common into something special

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We partner with you to quickly and easily create personalized print communications



Research shows that personalized print messaging delivers higher response rates and increased engagement:

  • Response rates for targeted direct mail are 30 times higher than email alone – 4.4% vs 0.12%.1
  • Personalized direct mail linked to digital communication creates a 10-30% increase in conversion among consumers.2
  • In one study, adding a personalized URL to print communications produced a 79% lift in response rates.2


The EarthColor Alchemy™ system provides you with market-tested templates to personalize and populate with your unique brand messaging and designs. Incorporate copy and graphics into any of the templates and transform your static print into dynamic communication.

EarthColor Alchemy™ demonstrates the impact and ease of personalized print communication using:

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    Market-tested templates

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    Unique messaging

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    Standardized workflows

Use this checklist to submit data and create dynamic print communications. Follow these easy steps to create and mail your brand’s personalized message to customers quickly and efficiently.