Helping you manage your digital assets more productively

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Finding the best technology solution to manage your digital assets can be a challenging responsibility

You need an innovative system that lets you search, locate, share, and utilize your assets quickly and cost-effectively.

As your print and technology partner, EarthColor understands the daily challenges you face. We have both the print capabilities and digital asset technologies you need to make your job easier.

EarthColor created the AIM system for its customers to provide a centralized online repository for warehousing and modifying digital assets. AIM allows you to upload, organize, tag, search, sort and share files via your web browser 24/7.

AIM adds value to your digital asset management process:

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    Secure environment & user profiles

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    Upload, download, and modify files easily

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    Easy to search, browse, and sort files

Improve asset workflow and storage capabilities

  • Real-time viewing, downloading, and conversion of images
  • Automated system increases productivity
  • Online 24/7 secured access

Control content efficiently and effectively

  • Improve cycle time
  • Manage user account access
  • Maintain version and brand identities
  • Track and report on asset usage

Supported file formats:

  • All raster image formats: PSD, TIFF, EPS, PNG, DCS, JPEG, & GIF
  • All vector image formats: EPS, EPSF, & AI
  • Layout Documents: Adobe InDesign & Quark XPress
  • Video and Audio files: AIFF, MOV, MPEG, QT, MP4, & AVI
  • MS Office: Word, Powerpoint, & Excel
  • HTML




AIM adds value to your digital asset management process. It is intuitive, flexible, easy to setup, and cost-effective.


Secure Environment
Password protected system maintained in a secure facility.

Control User Profiles
Administrator limits user account access for editing, downloading, and uploading.

Track all user logins, changes made, and asset utilization.

Asset Management

File Modification
Convert, scale, crop, and adjust image resolution at the click of a button.

Download one or multiple assets to your shopping cart in your selected format.

Streamlined batch process uploads files to AIM quickly and easily.

Searching & Sorting Functions

Customized Viewing
Change how assets are viewed by user profile.

Search by name, file type, or utilize metadata to locate assets by keywords or advanced search logic.

Managing Workflows

Asset Distribution
Create a PDF catalog of approved images, documents, or fonts that can be accessed by designated users.

Place notations on assets to aid collaboration, improve accuracy and provide editing direction to speed up approvals.

Notify users of new assets, restrictions, usage updates, and image alterations.