I Have a Website and Send Direct Mail – Am I Multichannel?

Publishing the same content in multiple channels is one approach to multi-channel marketing. Companies can get their brand exposed to a wider audience, and the strategy is easy to carry out. To create even better results, integrate those messages. Use a direct mail piece to send prospects to a web landing page where they play a video, enter a contest, or print a coupon. Send emails that direct readers to a podcast or blog. These techniques allow marketers to connect with prospective customers in a variety of ways.

Strategically exploiting content created for one channel so it becomes accessible from another also leverages the investment made in producing that content. Why spend time and money creating a video that sits on the website waiting for interested parties to drop by? Think of some clever tease lines to use in Twitter and link to the video. Whip up an interesting graphic and post it on LinkedIn or Facebook. Mail a jumbo postcard with a QR code or web address pointing to the video where prospective customers can see the product in action or listen to an expert explain why the item is so valuable.

Multichannel doesn’t have to mean that marketers create an entirely separate set of content for each channel. Few organizations have the time or budget for that. A multichannel campaign becomes much easier when organizations repurpose good content that has been languishing in a single channel.

To further the benefit of repurposing content, marketers might collect a set of blog posts covering a central theme and turn them into an e-Book. Or use a customer case study to make slides delivered via a slideshow application or strung together with some music or voiceover to make a video. The best part about leveraging content across channels is the marketer has already invested the time creating the content, often the most difficult task!

Getting attention from individuals with whom an organization has no relationship is tough. Consumers filter, block, and ignore most digital solicitations directed at them. Fortunately, direct mail is remarkably effective during this critical phase of lead development. The Postal Service delivers mail to addressee mailboxes where it will be seen. There are no filters blocking mail delivery. If the graphics, offer, and personalization combine to create a relevant message, the recipient will at least browse the mailpiece, giving mail a great chance of producing a response that involves online interactivity.

A website and some direct mail experience is a great start. Build on those existing resources to include more channels and strategically connect your content to achieve greater multichannel effectiveness.

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