Personalization Is Where It’s At!

We’ll wager a bet with you: that you don’t go through every email that lands in your inbox but you do go through every piece of direct mail that you get.

Why is that? A few reasons. We’re drowning in email (much of it spam), and we don’t have the time to read every single one. And don’t most emails look the same anyway?

Direct mail gets noticed.

There’s a lot that’s attention grabbing about direct mail. There’s a huge variety, for one thing. Size, shape, weight, color, design, printing techniques and substrate all play a key part. A strategic combination of these characteristics helps ensure your direct mail piece catches someone’s eye.

We don’t get inundated by hundreds of direct mail items every day either, the way we do with email. This makes going through the mail much more manageable. According to recent studies, 70% of direct mail is opened and 79% of it is read for a minute or more.

Recently, MarketingProfs reported that 13.8 billion letters are sent annually, compared to 74 trillion emails. Here’s another eye-popping stat: A full 75% of people polled could recall the brand from a direct mail piece, but only 44% could do so after seeing a digital ad.

Make your direct mail relevant: personalize it!

Are you convinced that it’s time to ramp up your company’s direct mail campaign strategy yet? Keep in mind, however, that whatever you send needs to be relevant—studies show that 44% of all direct mail is immediately discarded if it isn’t.

We’ll open a letter or a package if it’s clearly intended for us, and our engagement with it increases if there are plain indications that the sender has a good sense of what we find interesting and important.  This is accomplished through personalization. Huffpost reported that “using personalized direct mail as part of a wider digital strategy can see response rates for a campaign hit over 20%. You won’t find those numbers with online marketing.”

In fact, personalization significantly increases direct marketing’s reach and effectiveness. Studies show that 80% of recipients are more likely to open a piece of direct mail if it’s personalized.

The challenges of personalization.

Marketers experience common challenges when faced with the task of personalizing their direct mail and it all centers around that four-letter-word: data. Aggregating data from multiple sources is a challenge for 44% of marketers; 50% say that using data for personalization is an issue in and of itself; and a full 60% report that cleaning their data is also difficult.

Turn to EarthColor Alchemy™ for easy personalization.

Because working with data for a personalized direct mail project is a challenge for so many, we have created EarthColor Alchemy™—a simple variable data print system that eliminates these challenges.

EarthColor Alchemy™ helps marketers use data easily and effectively. This template-based system offers 15 different direct mail formats – something for every budget and every campaign. These market-tested formats are downloadable and come with a data template, showing you exactly what data fields to populate.

Bottom line?

Personalized direct mail gets noticed and EarthColor Alchemy™ removes the obstacles and frustrations of creating personalized direct mail campaigns. Contact us today to consult with an EarthColor Alchemy™ expert.


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