EarthColor Alchemy™ Makes Interactive Mail Easy

If you want to all but guarantee that people will open your mailer, make it stand out. Send a tantalizing mail piece that sends a loud message —“There is something special inside. Open me!”—and most people do.

But creating exciting interactive mailers can be intimidating. Dies can be expensive and the flat layout can look quite different from the final folded piece so it takes extra care to ensure that the content ends up where you want it to. Fortunately, with EarthColor Alchemy™, technical details don’t have to be a barrier to entry to these pieces. Using our market-tested formats can help you stand out in a crowded space.

EarthColor Alchemy™ is a template-based solution that makes it easy to create multi-page, foldout mailers and add variable data. From simple postcards to multi-panel projects, EarthColor Alchemy™ takes what can be a complex process and streamlines it—making these products faster and more cost-effective to produce.

Take, for example, the iron cross. A traditionally visually impactful direct mail piece, it’s also challenging to produce. Why is it so impactful? It gives you the opportunity to have the recipient see things differently. You are in control of how your message is delivered—what information the recipient sees first, second and third. This is called the “reveal” and it defines the customer experience. To open the piece, the bottom folds down, the top folds up, then the right panel opens out, then the left. You can use this to your advantage to keep the recipient’s interest in “what’s next?”

Another EarthColor Alchemy™ template, the coupon mailer, allows for a tear off take-away that can be used for anything from a reminder to a redemption opportunity. Our faux envelope mailer can be made to look like a “special delivery”. The formats are proven and the flexibility is yours to take advantage of.

These template mailings with EarthColor Alchemy™ require no custom dies, which save you money; no sending back files, which saves you time; and still gives you a personalized piece.

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