Don’t Be Shy. Just Ask!

There’s no need for print customers to be shy around their prospective print partners. This is especially true when it comes to discussing potential cost savings.

A commercial printer who’s been in business for years has a track record. So when you’re interviewing a printer to do work for your organization, in addition to focusing on the quality of their manufacturing and the years of service  of their sales rep, also inquire about the different ways in which this printing company can help you print smarter.

It’s about finding a company that has the talent and the technology to think on your behalf. And that includes making timely recommendations that translate into savings while maintaining the quality of the product.

It can be done. In fact, the best commercial printers do it every day of the week. It’s part of their DNA. This isn’t just because salespeople take it upon themselves to offer cost-saving ideas to customers. It’s about having printing, mailing, and marketing technologies in place to create programs that are as efficient as they are innovative.

So while you’re thinking about hiring a commercial printer to handle a major campaign, consider all of the ways in which a printer can offer you value:

  • Job planning stage
  • Format
  • Paper specification
  • Manufacturing process (offset, digital, web)
  • Finishing options
  • Inks & coatings
  • Mass and targeted direct mail
  • Personalization
  • In-house vs. outsourcing
  • Tracking of campaigns
  • Sustainability
  • Shipping & fulfillment

Every one of these services, processes, or stages of a job represents opportunities for a printer to help customers save money. The deeper their team’s experience and the more sophisticated their technologies, the more likely they are a company that routinely offers suggestions for adding efficiency and reducing expense. That’s a printer you should be looking for.

So let’s say you’re interviewing prospective printers. After you’ve taken that facility tour and seen those gorgeous printed samples, don’t be afraid to ask the questions that will show you if a company will be proactive and watchful over your bottom line.

  • What type of sustainable solutions or product re-engineering do you provide?
  • How much of our work will be done on site and how much will be outsourced?
  • What services do you offer to help us get our database in the best possible shape for a personalized print campaign?
  • How strong/experienced is your mailing team? Is your company certified by the USPS in any capacity that indicates you are a top-tier mailer?
  • What particular mailing and tracking services would you offer me to help save our organization money?

The more questions you ask up front, the more you’ll uncover about a printer’s expertise, depth of services, and ability to keep your costs down. It’s not about cheap printing; it’s about smart printing and leveraging expertise and technology. Don’t be shy. Contact us today.


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