Multiple Channels Pack a Powerful Marketing Punch

Like all marketers, you strive to reach your customers wherever they are. Today, they are everywhere. They’re online and off. Seemingly always connected through digital devices. This makes a tightly integrated multichannel marketing effort mandatory. It puts you in front of your customers whether they’re home, at work, or on the go.

A strategic combination of print, social, mobile, email, web, and other channels used in a coordinated campaign is the ideal solution.

When you consider the different preferences of consumers, you can understand why combining digital channels with traditional ones makes sense. Think about the millennials, the early technology adopters who consider technology integral to their lives. This characteristic is even more pronounced among the Generation Z population. Not only are they always connected, but they’re also likely to have multiple screens open at once. Plus, they prefer to communicate with images rather than text.

So marketers have to evolve along with changes in technology and consumer preferences. Therefore, your marketing strategies should embrace multiple channels for maximum effectiveness.

Print Is Still King

Print-based marketing remains highly effective, according to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report. Direct mail response rates are 3.7% and frankly, they blow other channels out of the water, like the 0.2% response rate from email and just 0.1% from paid search.

In fact, direct mail outperforms all digital channels combined by a whopping 600%.

Print Drives Results

The study by DMA also looked at specific actions taken by those who responded to direct mail campaigns. Of this population, 55% went to a physical retail store; 54% visited a web page; and 45% said that direct mail led to a purchase.

Omni-Channel Works

As shown in Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends Report, image-based platforms increase engagement levels significantly and, in fact, are used increasingly for commerce. People spend an average of 41 minutes a day on Facebook. More and more users on these platforms (including Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Twitter) use them to purchase things. In fact, 55% of Pinterest users report that they use this platform to find products and shop for them. This speaks to the importance of including social channels in your marketing strategy.

Marketers seek high response rates, and different channels yield different rates. For example, a print-only campaign might yield a 7.4% response rate. Add email to your print campaign, and that rate can jump to 8.1%.

But when you combine print with email and also with social and mobile channels, that response rate can hit 8.6%.

Bottom line? The more channels you leverage, the more successful your efforts to reach and influence your audience. A multichannel marketing campaign that includes a direct mail component yields the highest response rate.

To find out how you can utilize print into your next multichannel marketing campaign, contact us today.

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