Happy Earth Day 2017

How We are Taking Action to Ensure a Greener Future

We’re just three years away from the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and all over the world more than a billion people are taking action for green – in their schools, workplaces and communities. They’re recycling, planting trees, giving up plastic bags, buying organic and sometimes getting involved politically.  According to the Earth Day Network, the emphasis for 2017 is on a theme of environmental and climate literacy – educating current and future generations on all ways green.

At EarthColor, we’re more committed than ever to developing and delivering sustainable media, programs and practices that empower us all to step up and forward to a greener future.  The seven principles of the EarthColor Sustainability Ecosystem continue to drive our actions throughout the supply chain, from design and eco-engineering, to materials and manufacturing, to delivery.  Wherever we can reduce our carbon footprint, and help you do the same, we do.

New environmental savings statistics for 2016 tell the story of our progress together.2016-Sustainability-Savings

Our partnerships with several environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) continue.  With Canopy, we’re exploring ways to work with farm communities in the U.S. and Canada to increase the supply of agricultural waste used to make alternative papers.

With American Forests, we’re continuing our commitment to adding more trees in urban communities through participation in their Community Releaf program. For the second year, in honor of Earth Day, we’re inviting you to participate with us in our plant-a-tree urban initiative.

To learn more about our sustainability initiatives visit us here.


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