No More Excuses for Avoiding Variable Data

Personalization and targeted variable content add value to direct mail campaigns. Campaign statistics prove those facts repeatedly. For years, studies have shown these elements can increase response rates 30%-40%. Marketers experience even more dramatic effects when they match direct mail with complementary messaging delivered through other channels.

The leading US direct mail producers use these principles to help their customers generate superior campaign results. EarthColor is proud to be named one of the top ten direct mail companies in Bell and Howell’s newly released ranking, the DM200. We are serious about helping our customers use the latest technology to achieve the best outcomes.

Since variable data and personalization improve direct mail performance, why wouldn’t a marketer look for opportunities to exploit these advantages every chance they get? Two outdated perceptions can dissuade marketers from designing multi-channel variable data printing (VDP) campaigns:

1.  It’s Too Expensive

Before advancements in printing devices, ink and software, VDP mail was more expensive to produce than the bulk mail practices popular back in the day. Programmers had to build custom routines to image variable data onto multiple versions of offset-printed shells. Essentially, the task became a series of individual, multi-step jobs – each one with associated overhead costs.

None of that is true anymore. Variable graphics, text and personalized elements are now all printed within a single digital or hybrid workflow. Production costs for VDP print jobs are no greater than traditional print runs, where every piece is the same. Marketers may also enjoy lower postage expenses. Splitting the mailing file according to versions is no longer necessary so the mail can qualify for deeper presort postage discounts.

2.  It’s Too Hard

Modern VDP software includes friendly interfaces suitable for average business users. Expensive programming resources are no longer necessary to identify variables and create the business rules that affect each individual mail piece. Data for personalization and segmentation is readily available. The software often handles linking printed and digital campaign elements automatically. Today marketers do not have to settle for generic mail pieces simply because VDP is too complicated.

EarthColor Alchemy™

EarthColor has made it even easier to design effective VDP campaigns with EarthColor Alchemy™. Marketers can log into the Alchemy site, choose their mail pieces, download the templates, and fill in some details. Earthcolor takes care of the rest.

Recognition as one of the top ten direct mail companies in the country doesn’t happen by accident. We know how direct mail works and we have the tools and the experience to help our clients realize the greatest return from their investments in variable data printing.

Contact us to find out how we can put our resources to work on your next VDP campaign.


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