15 Direct Mail Formats from EarthColor Alchemy™ Cover Every Base

What’s the perfect print format for a variable data print (VDP) direct mail campaign? There’s no simple answer – it just means you have options.

Today, there’s a variety of standard mailing formats. Based on your budget and your particular campaign, you can choose the ideal size to make the maximum impact.

To help simplify this selection, EarthColor Alchemy offers 15 standard templates featuring the top-rated standard mailing formats. They’re part of this first-ever, easy-to-use VDP job submission system, designed by EarthColor to give customers the tools to create VDP campaigns.

EarthColor Alchemy™ makes VDP jobs easy as pie. In just 3 steps, you’re on your way to creating, printing, and mailing a VDP campaign. It’s efficient. It’s cost-effective. And it’s at your fingertips.

Picking your format is step #1. When you log into your EarthColor Alchemy™ account, you’ll be prompted to download the template of your choice. Our 15 templates are organized into Bronze, Silver, and Gold categories as well as format style.

Want an overview of the template options in our Product Catalog? We thought you’d never ask!


This is our most budget-conscious product category, featuring postcards in 3 sizes. A minimum quantity of 1,000 is required. Once you’ve submitted your final files, including your data file and the populated template with your copy, your job will enter the mail stream in 2 days.


Our next category is Silver, which is our self-mailer collection. Self-mailers offer more real estate than postcards, allowing you to describe your offer more fully and add multiple images. Your personalized message will remain secure through single seals applied to your mailers. Choose from 2-, 3- and 4-panel vertical formats as well as from 2- and 3-panel horizontal formats. This category requires a minimum quantity of 2,500. Upload your final files as well as your populated template, and your self-mailers will be in the mail stream in 3 days.


We’ve placed our premium products in the Gold category. These offer more intricate formats, such as table tents, coupon self-mailers, 3- and 4-panel faux envelope mailers, and an iron cross self mailer as well. Each includes one or more die-cut features, and each of these premium products delivers maximum visual impact. A minimum quantity of 5,000 is required, and once your files are uploaded with your populated template, your campaign will be in the mail stream in 5 days.

Regardless of which category you choose for your VDP campaign, your EarthColor Alchemy™ mail pieces will print in full color on 100# coated cover stock, and they will all have UV coating.

All of these format options are available to you at EarthColor Alchemy™ today. Set up your account, choose and download the right format for your VDP campaign, and you’ll be days away from getting a personalized message into the market.

To learn how EarthColor Alchemy™ can improve your next direct mail campaign contact us today.

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