EarthColor Alchemy™ Takes the Stress Out of Variable Data

If you’re among those wanting to take advantage of the benefits of variable data printing (VDP) but don’t know where to start, there’s good news. EarthColor has released a starter program that makes it easy.  It’s called EarthColor Alchemy™.

This is not just good news. It’s great news.  Research shows that personalized print messaging delivers higher response rates and increased engagement than traditional messaging. This means more revenues for you.

  • Response rates for targeted direct mail are 30 times higher than email alone—4.4% vs. 0.12%. [1]
  • Personalized direct mail linked to digital communication creates a 10-30% increase in conversion among consumers [2]
  • In one study, adding a personalized URL to print communication produced a 79% lift in response rates [2]

Alchemy offers three levels of products: bronze, silver, and gold. At the bronze level, you can create three sizes of postcards. At the silver level, you can create multiple self-mailer formats in horizontal and vertical configurations. At the gold level, you can add die-cutting, including faux envelopes and an iron cross design that holds inserts securely.

To get started with Alchemy, all you need is a customer database and creative. The EarthColor Alchemy™ system makes it easy to use VDP. It takes just three simple steps:

  1. Download – Go to Earthcolor Alchemy™ and select a product and download the templates.
  2. Populate – Populate the downloaded templates.
  3. Upload – Upload the final files and we will take care of the rest!

Alchemy uses standard workflows, taking the complexity out of designing and out of estimating. No more layout surprises! Even folding and gluing are a breeze.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be up and running with variable data in no time. We even offer templates for the data itself so you can create versions within the data, as well as create variables within them. If you can name layers within InDesign, you can do this.

Now that’s planning (and profits) you can count on! For More Information on Earthcolor Alchemy™ please visit our page.

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