2017: The Year We Can Raise the Bar for Sustainability

Last year, we partnered with our clients to promote sustainable marketing principles, products and practices that met our shared goals to protect the planet and its resources.  And we made a real difference.

In February, our work with Canopy, one of our leading environmental non-governmental organization (ENGO) partners, culminated in Canada’s historic Great Bear Rainforest Agreement that now protects a quarter of the world’s remaining rainforests.  On Earth Day, we inaugurated our Save-a-Tree initiative with you and American Forests’ “Global Releaf” Program, setting our sights on planting trees in urban areas. Last summer marked our second year of funding scientific research with Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey’s (CWFNJ) efforts to save the endangered NJ Northern long-eared bat.  Throughout the year, we continued to provide our marketing communications clients with innovative, sustainable products like straw-residue based Step Forward Paper™ and a range of eco-engineering tools, products and procedures to minimize our shared carbon footprint throughout the supply chain.

We’re looking forward to 2017 and invite you to work with us to raise the bar even more.  It is our intention to continue along our path as a change maker for sustainability so that together we can leave the Earth in better shape for future generations.  To that end, we’ve identified several key areas for concentration this year.

  • Stronger renewable energy. We have a new energy partner – 3 Degrees Inc., an eight-time Green Power Leadership Award Winner that uses and provides comprehensive clean energy solutions, both solar and wind powered.  Together, we’ll continue to power our manufacturing operations and create communications print products for you produced with clean and efficient energy.  We’ve already done a lot of good work to reduce emissions and manage our water, energy and resource usage sustainably.  We intend to keep it that way.
  • Innovative technology. Now that we’ve been part of proving that the technology to make paper out of agricultural straw-based waste really works, we intend to do all we can to promote and nurture the growth of the products and markets for agricultural residue fibers.
  • Sustainable forestry. Our commitment to our natural environment will continue to be part of everything we do.  So we’ll step up our work with leading ENGOs like the Rainforest Alliance, Canopy, CWFNJ, and American Forests on progressive programs that will protect our forests and ecosystems for future generations.
  • A circular economy. The next step in building a sustainable future is to mimic how nature recycles and replenishes itself.  Our future focus encompasses developing and maintaining a sustainable cycle of products and processes both upstream and downstream along the entire supply chain.  So we’ll continue to focus on eco-engineering and designing products and processes that are clean, efficient, cost-effective, and innovative.  And we’ll continue to partner with you along the journey.

Our goals this year are part of a bigger picture and mark a pivotal point where we can manage our resources and change the world, one step at a time.

Watch our website for blogs on more sustainability topics.  To learn more about our commitment to environmental issues and climate change action, you can order a copy of our award winning 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy, you can get it here.

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