How Marketing Automation Increased Customer Loyalty and Sales

According to Gallup, B2B marketers with high customer engagement scores achieve 50% higher revenue/sales, 34% higher profitability, and 55% higher share of wallet than other companies. Who wouldn’t want to be in that group? How can you do it? How can you increase customer engagement and reap those benefits?

There are many ways companies work to deepen engagement with their customers. Some of those ways involve using social media, mobile marketing, and blogs—anything to get customers talking. Others involve more traditional methods, such direct mail.  One of our customers added yet another component to its efforts. It combined its loyalty program with our automated marketing solution.

Our client, one of the largest hospitality companies in the world, offers consumers and B2B customers a broad range of hospitality products and services.  With over eight million participating members, its loyalty program was already a success, but it wanted to further increase member signups and customer retention rates.

Our client’s rewards program already offered a variety of standard benefits, including gift cards and free airline tickets. But working with the professionals at EarthColor, it decided to add an elite rewards tier for frequent guests.

Qualifying participants received customized mailers containing a personalized elite tier rewards card. They started receiving personalized mailings bi-weekly rather than monthly. Our experts then helped the hospitality company offset these increased printing mailing costs with a variety of value engineering measures. These included:

  • reformatting components to reduce postage costs,
  • redesigning materials to save on production costs and reduce timeframes, and
  • automating the delivery process through the use of a daily data feed of qualifying guest information from participating hotels.

The format of the new-member mailers was redesigned to a four-panel piece. This small change led to big savings in production costs and timeframes, as well as a significant reduction in postage fees.

Implementing an automated data feed reaped benefits, as well. The hospitality company was able to always use its most recent, up-to-date member information, increasing the relevance and accuracy of its communications.

The transition from monthly to bi-weekly communications made the mailings more relevant and timely.

When all of the components of the change were taken into consideration, the combination of value-engineering and increased timeliness and relevance of the mailings led a significant increase in the number of new member signups for the client’s loyalty program.

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