How Eco-Engineering Makes the Earth Smile

Eco-engineering. Um, eco-what? Eco-engineering. It’s the process of designing direct mail, marketing collateral, and other printed materials in a way that reduces your environmental footprint. Not only is eco-engineering a smart move to protect the Earth, but it’s great business. Customers like working with environmentally friendly companies, and it’s a great way to make your investors and employees feel great about you, too. But wait! There’s more. Eco-engineering helps you maximize your print and marketing dollars with the super-efficient use of time, logistics, and especially raw materials.

How does it work? Here’s an example. One of our clients wanted to create an advertising project that was more sustainable yet still had a high-end look and feel. To do this, our eco-engineers suggested switching to an uncoated, recycled paper stock with 100% post-consumer waste and using 100% renewable energy credits to offset the carbon signature of both paper and manufacturing.

Just these simple changes had a profound impact on the environment:

  • .05 acres preserved via sustainable forestry
  • 41 fewer trees consumed via recycling
  • 8,353 kWh less energy used (equivalent to powering .31 homes for a year)
  • 4 metric tons of greenhouse gases reduced (equivalent to taking .8 cars off the road for a year)
  • 14,834 fewer gallons of water consumed

You think that’s exciting? Here is another example.

A Fortune 500 client wanted to develop sustainable environmental criteria and manufacturing logistics for its corporate annual and sustainability reports. In other words, they wanted to practice what they preached.  Our eco-engineers got to work again.

We printed the project using UV inks and coatings (reducing emissions of VOCs); converted the paper stock to EarthColor’s FSC-certified EarthAware® paper (elemental chlorine free, climate managed, and contains 10% post-consumer waste); and again printed using 100% renewable energy credits.

Here’s the impact to the environment:

  • 1 acre preserved via sustainable forestry
  • 565 fewer trees consumed via recycling
  • 114,627 kWh less energy used (equivalent to powering six homes for a year)
  • 612.3 metric tons of greenhouse gases reduced (equivalent to taking 124 cars off the road for a year)
  • 206,213 fewer gallons of water consumed


Multiply these results by the thousands of projects EarthColor produces each year and the environmental benefits are tremendous.

Still think that you cannot make a difference to the environment? Of course you can! Just by making some simple changes, you can make a big difference. That is something to celebrate! Why not talk to one of our eco-engineering experts about reducing your environmental impact?

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