Holiday Sales: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Holiday sales don’t need to be gifts that give only during the month of December. With a little creativity, you can use them as a springboard to deeper and richer relationships with your customers, new and old, all year long. In fact, holiday sales can become a gateway to long-term growth even after the holiday season is over.

Here are some ideas:

Use a “thank you” to keep the door open.

Are there customers who purchase from you only during the holidays? If so, use follow-up cards and emails to say “thank you” and maintain engagement throughout the year. Include coupons and discounts to encourage those “once a year” customers to become more frequent ones.

Track purchases for use in upsells and cross sells.

If you track what your customers purchase during the holidays, you’ll know how to upsell and cross-sell them throughout the rest of the year. If you’re not tracking purchases and integrating that information back into your marketing database, you’re missing huge opportunities for future sales.

Invest in customer profiling and data analysis to improve your marketing all year long.

What can you learn from those holiday sales? Who purchased key products in your inventory? What do those customers look like? Did they buy anything else? What patterns can you see? Are there new customer segments popping up?

Even if you think you know your consumers, customer bases change over time and new purchaser bases emerge. Do a holiday sales post-mortem to see what you can learn.

Use the opportunity to get customers engaged with you on social media.

Now that customers have engaged with your brand, keep the conversation going! Social media is a powerful tool for solidifying customer loyalty and keeping your brand top of mind. Invite shoppers to connect with you to keep the conversation going. Create a contest in which they post picture of themselves with your product for a chance to win free stuff.  Jump on the opportunity now while it’s still hot.

Use follow-up surveys to gather additional information on customers for future targeting.

It just makes sense to follow up with customers to see if they’re happy with their holiday purchases. Use the opportunity to gather other demographic or preference information so you can further personalize communications throughout the year.  Use tablets or other devices to ask for preferences or update contact information right at the point of sale.

So what do you think? Are you ready to do more with your holiday sales than bank your end-of-year revenue bump? Talk to us about how you can use holiday sales to be the marketing gift that keeps on giving.


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