The Answer to a Direct Mailer’s Challenges: Inline Imaging

There was a time when large mailings had to go through traditional letter shops for printing and processing. It was slow and offered limited options. But today there’s a solution that prints and finishes your mailing in one integrated process. It’s called inline imaging, and its benefits are enormous.

This single manufacturing process starts with a roll of paper and finishes with a completed product. Now, this might not sound like a big deal but you need to consider what this encompasses.

Imagine you’re a grocery store chain doing a major mailing for all of your stores across the country. With inline imaging and finishing in one process you can personalize each mailer using your data, version the mailers in multiple ways, and number each piece. All of this customization including finishing, insertions, and addressing for mailing gets these pieces into the mail stream quickly.

Here are its 6 powerful benefits:

1. Costs less
Inline imaging is done on high-speed web presses. Because it’s 100% automated, including inserting and finishing, it is less expensive than traditional letter shop processes. Think high speed at low cost.

2. Increases speed-to-market
Inline imaging is 4X faster than a traditional letter shop.

3. Minimal Waste
Because we produce your entire mailer from one roll of paper, in one process, there is reduced waste. It is the essence of sustainability in a printing process.

4. No handwork
Everything is done in one pass on the press.

5. Reduced labor
Because it’s all automated, far fewer people touch the job.

6. Personalization is a key feature.
Personalized communications have been proven to increase response rates as well as customer acquisition. Inline imaging marries your database with the design of your mailer to produce a high level of personalization. Imaging on these presses are all variable – not just type, but drawings and other visuals as well.

Want to explore how we can help you create a tailored mailing campaign in less production time? Get in touch with EarthColor today to learn how inline imaging is the solution you’ve been looking for.

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