The Power of Sustainable Marketing

How EarthColor Works with You to Market Your Brand’s Sustainability

 Green marketing is an important component of your overall content marketing strategy. Communicate your commitment to sustainable products and services that not only promote your brand, but also protect our planet’s resources. EarthColor’s role as your print and technology partner is to work with you, providing resources and products that support this two-pronged approach. Green marketing encompasses a range of products, services, and processes that take environmental factors into account throughout the supply chain and life cycle.

What should a green marketing message constitute and how do you deliver it?  According to GreenBiz, it comes down to a strong and consistent communication plan that identifies your brand’s value or benefits, your vision or viewpoint for sustainability, and the right vehicles you select to deliver your message to your targeted audience.

It’s not enough today to claim to be green, clean, organic, or even innovative.  You have to ask yourself the right questions and be prepared with provable answers.  What advantages do your products and services provide?  Are your materials recycled and/or recyclable?  Do you use clean or renewable energy sources?  How do you monitor sustainability along your supply chain, logistics and delivery points?  What does the way you position your brand say about your products, your business practices, and ethics or your commitment to employee engagement?

Your choices for delivering your green marketing messages are equally important.  There are so many channels to explore like social media platforms, websites, online and print publications, print collateral, product labels, videos, and advertising.  Know your demographics and the channels where your customers are most likely to receive your message.  Make sure your message is clear, on point and consistent, and above all that any claims are backed up with proof.  The most successful green marketing campaign is the one that pays close attention to its message to avoid the pitfalls of “green washing” via hyperbole that cannot be proven.  Check out the FTC’s Green Guides if you’re not sure.

At EarthColor, we believe in being transparent, consistent and available to our customers, suppliers, and ENGO partners.  Our green marketing messages appear frequently in our blogs, social media pages, and can always be found on our website and in our print collateral.  You’re welcome to check our sustainability scorecard via the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI G4) Guidelines at the end our 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.

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