Improve Your Printing with Scodix SENSE™

For as long as we can remember, there were only traditional ways to add dimension to a print job. We’re talking about specialty techniques like letterpress, embossing, debossing, and engraving. You need special presses or special finishing equipment to achieve any of these techniques, and they all add to the cost of your job as well as increase its production time considerably.

These techniques are still in use today and are appropriate in many cases. But there’s a new kid in town. Brand owners, marketers, designers, and artists need to know about Scodix SENSE™, a pioneering technology that literally adds dimension during the printing process.

This technology lays down various thicknesses of clear polymer over the printed image on the sheet and creates dimension and unique textures, everything from sandpaper to silky smooth finishes.

As a unique print-enhancement technology, Scodix SENSE™ has no competition, and in today’s market, nothing can compare with the results it delivers.

If brand owners want to create eye-catching print materials that people want to touch, share, and interact with, then Scodix SENSE™ is the solution. This groundbreaking print technology lets customers create a three-dimensional print job in one pass on the press and create work that is absolutely gorgeous.

Some of the effects you can achieve with Scodix are:
• High gloss
• Variable densities
• Spot coating
• Textures
• Patterns

Consider the applications for Scodix in any number of high-impact pieces you’re designing for customers or to impress prospects like packaging, posters, invitations, business cards, product announcements, event materials, POP displays, book jackets, and direct mail.

Add dimension and texture to your premium printing campaigns to differentiate them without having to send them out to a post-press specialty finisher like an engraver, foil stamper, and laminator.

Contact us today and ask to see real samples of work we’ve been producing using Scodix SENSE™. Its impact is something every marketer and brand owner needs to see.

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