What Are We Thankful For?

This time of year, we like to step back from the frenzy of day-to-day activity and be thankful for our blessings, whether they be large or small. This year, we’d like to give thanks for the bounty of the world around us and all of the great organizations working to protect it.

As you may know from reading our blog, EarthColor is deeply committed to the issue of sustainability. In addition to our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and increase the sustainability of our own company (you can read about those efforts here), we have stepped up our commitment to the protection of our forests and their ecosystems, including the species they support. We have placed particular value on partnering with like-minded organizations, including the Conserve Wildlife Foundation New Jersey (CWF NJ), Canopy, and American Forests.

Here is a quick look at the great work these organizations are doing and which you, as our customers, are helping to support.
1. Conserve Wildlife Foundation (New Jersey). This group gathers the best science, conservation techniques, and education activities to protect and preserve threatened species. Recently, CWF NJ has focused on what has been decimating the New Jersey Northern Long-Eared Bat population, which is threatened by a deadly fungus invading their caves. To date, nearly 6 million bats have died. EarthColor supports CWF NJ by funding basic scientific research, including tagging and tracking programs to better understand the bats’ roosting behavior and seasonal migration patterns. Why should we care so much about bats? Bats are important members of a healthy forest ecosystem, are primary pollinators and seed planters, and are key to keeping down harmful insect populations. Anyone who hates mosquitos can be thankful for CWF’s work since a single bat can eat 3,000 mosquitos per night!
Thank you, CWF, for your collaborative efforts to bring the best science to bear on the challenges of our ecosystems to protect the threatened species that are so critical to maintaining ecological balance.

2. Canopy. This global organization is known for preserving old growth and other threatened forests. Canopy works with over 750 of the forest industry’s largest customers, from book publishers to printers, to help shape their purchasing practices and protect endangered forests. As great believers in ink on paper, EarthColor (which was ranked #1 of the Top 10 Sustainable & Forest Friendly Printers in North America in Canopy’s 2015 Blueline Report) has worked with Canopy and the government of British Columbia to safeguard a large portion of the Great Bear Rainforest, which represents fully 25% of the world’s remaining coastal temperate rainforests.
Thank you, Canopy, for the great work you do.

3. American Forests “Global ReLeaf.” Earlier this year, EarthColor introduced our Plant a Tree initiative as part of a new ENGO partnership with American Forests’ Global ReLeaf Program. As part of our Earth Day 2016 promotion, we donated money in our customers’ names to support a key urban reforestation initiative on the south side of Chicago.

Thank you to our customers for joining in our commitment to “re-leaf” urban regions and support the value of forestation even in the most unlikely of places.

To learn more about these organizations and EarthColor’s other activities in support of sustainable business practices, please visit us here.

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