Content Marketing: The New Kid on the Block

Here’s Your Chance to Deliver Your Brand’s Message More Powerfully & Effectively

In traditional marketing, content is a tactic.  It’s a message designed to pitch a product, sell a brand or promote a service. The ultimate goal is to build the brand, grow top line revenue, and drive profitable results

Content marketing is much more strategic and has taken center stage among marketing experts in the last couple of years.  According to both the American Marketing Association and the Content Marketing Institute, the purpose of content marketing is not to sell, but to share relevant, consistent information, create a memorable experience that engages and empowers your consumer and business targets, and ultimately drives them to action.  It builds relationships that enable you to go back to the well again and again to promote your brand, whether your goal is to sell a product or service, or to inform the public about the details of a sustainability program.

It’s no longer the “medium is the message.”  Your message can become the driving force of your brand’s differentiation across all platforms.  A comprehensive omnichannel campaign (covered in a previous blog) enables you to tell your brand’s unique story more compellingly and perhaps interactively in as many formats as you choose.  Building a brand personality  is a key marketing device that is being used to a great advantage by major companies like Pepsi and Ikea. Environmental non-governmental organizations like Canopy and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey have also integrated content marketing into their messaging.  All of these examples illustrate how these organizations drive home the unique value propositions of their brands and initiatives to their target audiences.

You can use content marketing to differentiate and market your products and services powerfully and effectively.  Imagine pairing your brand’s story with a holiday sale announcement in a personalized print communications mailing delivered to your customers’ mailboxes on Black Friday.  Bracket your mailing with interactive content across your social media platforms, mobile apps, blog posts, online videos, website, etc. to raise the conversation level around your brand to your target audiences over time, well beyond your current promotion.

Content marketing enables you build the case for your brand’s value and deliver results that are consistent and powerful. As your print communications partner, EarthColor can work with you to design an effective, personalized print component of your content marketing plan using EarthColor Alchmey .  Begin the conversation by contacting us today.

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