How to Perfect Your Design Using Scodix SENSE™

Using Scodix SENSE™ on your print materials transforms whatever you’re printing.

Scodix enhances your printed piece by adding dimension and texture while your job is on press. This technology lays down a 5th separation on the sheet. It’s actually a clear polymer that elevates whatever is printed beneath it.

The impact is dramatic. And the task falls on your graphic designer to set up your artwork for this technology. This is neither difficult nor time consuming. Designers can use their preferred design software, and all they do is basically add an additional separation that acts as a mask for any areas they want enhanced. This layer is supplied to your commercial printer as a PDF file. So this means that two native files go to the printer when the job’s ready: one of the Scodix layer and another with the original CMYK artwork.

A few specific pointers will help ensure your design is maximized for Scodix Sense™:

Text Areas

The Scodix SENSEpolymer is glossy, so placing it over large amounts of body text can make the copy difficult to read – especially with small type. Rather, apply Scodix selectively to the largest type for the biggest impact.

Less Is More

You might be tempted to apply the Scodix effect over an entire photograph, covering every bit of the image. Don’t! Hold back and make a bigger impression by using Scodix judiciously over one element or maybe two. It will create that “Wow!” effect you’re seeking.

Greater Contrast, Greater Effect

If possible, use Scodix SENSE™ on dark elements with a light background as opposed to using it on light elements with a dark background. The results will be much more noticeable.

Use Patterns Effectively and Save Design Time

Scodix SENSE™ is ideal for enhancing photographs of objects that have dramatic textures or patterns. Picture things like basketballs, reptiles, leaves, peacocks, seashells, and snowflakes. Recreate the detailed texture on your printed piece with a pattern made from the Scodix spot color. Your image will take on a whole new dimension. Similarly, you can design a texture using one of 10 different Photoshop actions created by Scodix for designers. (Ask your EarthColor consultant about it.)

There really are very few limitations for incorporating Scodix SENSE™ effectively in the design of your collateral. To learn more about our design tips, request our Tips and Tricks handbook today.

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