Make Magic Happen Quickly with Scodix SENSE™

What company wouldn’t be interested in exquisite print enhancements that allow their marketing materials to make a dramatic splash?

That technology now exists. It’s called Scodix SENSE.™

Sorry? You were expecting an expose of traditional techniques, like engraving, die cutting, foil stamping, and embossing? There’s no doubt these special treatments add finesse and dimension to print products. But these are all types of bindery work. They’re achieved after the actual printing is done. The printed sheets come off the press and are loaded onto separate machines that handle a particular operation, be it embossing, foil stamping or the like. Maybe your print provider has these special machines in the plant, but often, the product gets subcontracted out and shipped elsewhere, usually to a trade binder.

It’s 2016. We live in a society rife with instant everything: messaging, social sharing, online shopping. So it makes sense that marketers crave exceptional, eye-catching print materials that are also produced quickly. Scodix SENSE™ is the answer and the perfect technology for a culture that has double expectations of differentiation and speed. It is a unique, post-printing process that adds texture and dimension to your materials.

Here’s how it works. The Scodix SENSE™ technology lays down a 5th separation – a clear polymer on top of your printed sheet. This polymer enhances whatever’s printed underneath it, creating texture and dimension.

Now marketers can dress up print materials with special effects while the materials are still on the printing press by using Scodix SENSE™. There are different special effects available with this technology, too, including turning 2D into 3D; altering the densities of the polymer in the same piece; and creating intense, high-gloss images that are up to 100 times higher gloss than selective varnish.

Are you ready to engage your audience with unique effects that engage multiple senses? Scodix SENSE™ is the solution. It will render your print materials dazzling.

Ask us for samples of recent Scodix SENSE™ jobs that we’ve produced. They’re guaranteed to impress, but we must caution you: they’re known to incite print envy.

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