The Affordable Gateway to Multichannel Success

The benefits of multichannel marketing have been discussed frequently since marketers started including email, search, SMS, and social in their campaigns. Studies show delivering messages via multiple paths increases response and conversion rates. Clearly, marketers want to use multi-channel techniques as often as they can. After a period when marketers concentrated primarily on digital communications, they are starting to realize postal mail must still play a part.

Establishing a digital connection with potential customers can be a problem. Prospects have to be driven to a marketer’s web site or social media feed before being exposed to the marketing material presented in these powerful digital channels. Passively relying on customers to seek out marketing information on their own rarely yields satisfactory results. “If you build it, they will come” works only in the movies.

Consumers Prefer the Mail for Unsolicited Messages
The best way to expose an audience to messaging delivered across many channels is through the mail. Fortunatley, postal mail is the channel most consumers prefer for receiving this type of material, making it the perfect way to open additional avenues of communication.

Establishing digital connections with consumers by starting with physical mail is fairly straightforward. A compelling direct mail piece can direct recipients to landing pages on the web. Here they can download a coupon, enter a contest, watch a video, or receive other premiums in exchange for their email addresses. Success of this portion of the campaign depends on the perceived value of the offer, accurate targeting, and execution. All are familiar territory for direct mail professionals.

Direct mail pieces can feature a personalized URL or a QR code to individualize the experience. Those prospects who convert by visiting the digital destination can be tracked. Consumers who do not respond to the first mailing stay on the direct mail list to receive subsequent offers designed to coax recipients to online landing pages.

Once email permission is secured, a drip email program designed to deepen the relationship with the customer continues to entice them with information, sales, or coupons. Consumers can be encouraged to share the offers with friends and family through social networks, thereby broadening exposure.

Even Digital-Dominant Campaigns Start with Mail
As much as marketers may want to leverage the functionality and tracking capabilities that online marketing provides, few are able to be successful with a digital-only approach. Mail is still relevant and indeed may be necessary to get the digital ball rolling.

Physical mail faces no filters, ad-blocking, spam traps, or abandoned email addresses – big advantages for organizations lacking viable house mailing lists. Postal address verification, move updating, and address correction improve the chances of postal mail being delivered to the intended recipients, even if the source data isn’t 100% accurate. These attributes, as well as the low volume of competitive messages vying for attention in a consumer’s postal mailbox, make the channel an excellent way to begin profitable multi-channel relationships with future customers.

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