EarthColor Ranked Top Sustainable Printer

Are you looking to work with a printer with a track record of environmental commitment and documented efforts toward sustainability? Look no further. For the second year in a row, EarthColor has been ranked North America’s most sustainable printer by the Canopy, an international nonprofit organization.

Canopy’s Blueline Report ranks and profiles the environmental performance of North America’s printers based on 28 key criteria. Among the categories are policy platform, protection of endangered forests and species, preference for FSC paper, preference for recycled content, and publication of measurable goals/targets and timelines for improvement. EarthColor scored points in all 28 categories.

EarthColor is committed to developing sustainable solutions so much that we have created seven principles that reduce our environmental footprint.

These include:

  • Governance and ethics
  • Responsible forestry
  • Environmental protection
  • Resource stewardship and energy management
  • Workplace enrichment
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Commitment to Beyond Our Borders

Many of today’s brands are looking to improve the carbon footprint of their supply chain. Choosing the right sustainable commercial printer can enhance your company’s efforts to meet its sustainability targets. Working with EarthColor will get you one step closer to that goal.

Want to learn more? Read our many blog posts on the topic and check out the sustainability link on our website to learn more in-depth about the things we’re doing. You can also download our sustainability reports see our list of certifications, partnerships, and awards.

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