How Web-to-Print Benefits Your Marketing Team

Web-to-Print can be misunderstood; it can mean different things.

 Basically, the term describes a technology that offers printing capability via the Internet. At one end of the spectrum, consumers and small business owners use web-to-print to order business cards and other stationery items, like notecards and mailing labels, from online, or ecommerce, printing companies.

But at the other end of the spectrum, web-to-print is a sophisticated, user-friendly technology that helps marketers store, access, personalize, print and track their marketing collateral from their own computers. This is where the magic happens.

By working with a print partner that not only offers but also knows how to leverage a web-to-print solution, marketers can safeguard the integrity of their brand and gain more control over their print collateral. There is nothing to lose and much to gain.

The very real benefits of using a web-to-print solution are these five:

  1. Safeguard your branding. Your own marketing portal lets you create, upload, store and access your collateral as well as graphic imagery such as logos and photographs. You control who has access to these digital assets. Plus, you typically work with templates, meaning your brand ID is secure and consistent.
  1. Instant access. Once your marketing material is safe within your own portal, you can access it anytime and from anywhere you have an Internet connection. The same goes for any of your authorized team members and sales reps who may need to produce print materials at the last minute. Production is efficient, and by working with a sophisticated print partner, the process for print, ship and delivery has been set up ahead of time. This allows you to bypass the antiquated, “go-through-purchasing-for-POs” routine, because all of your procurement protocols have been established and approved.
  1. Speed-to-market improves. Because your collateral is accessible online, you significantly improve the production and delivery time. Many marketers produce their data sheets, sales brochures, event materials, and direct mail campaigns from within their marketing portals for this reason alone: speed.
  1. Cost savings. Your production process has been automated and is extremely efficient, so it strips away layers of the traditional approval process. Far fewer team members need to “touch” your marketing collateral, approve it, and review proofs. And in real dollars, by working with one print partner whose systems are integrated with your marketing portal, your overall print production costs are lowered. With one company handling the entire distribution, you get the related savings.
  1. Improved quality. If you’re giving team members and customers PDFs to review and approve, they’ll get inconsistent results. But if you have a web-to-print system that’s monitoring your digital assets and is controlled, it will provide you with consistent quality.

Web-to-print gives marketers more control over their print materials, streamlines the entire production process, and offers cost-savings at the same time. To find out more about our web-to-print services contact us today.


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