Getting Up Close & Personal with Elephants, Tigers & Orangutans…Oh My!

How Canopy Is Using Facebook to Focus on Indonesia’s Rainforest

For nearly ten years, EarthColor has been a proud partner of Canopy. Canopy is one of the world’s leading environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) working to preserve and protect our endangered rainforests.  Earlier this year, Canopy’s efforts, and those of many others, paid off big time with the signing of the historic Great Bear Rainforest Agreement.  As a result, 85% of the Canadian Pacific rainforest and many of its plant and animal species are now fully protected.

The Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is another hotspot on Canopy’s radar.  On July 26th, Canopy rolled out a unique photo campaign on FacebookNotes from the understory: indonesia edition. Enchanting images from award-winning photographer Andrew Wright, and compelling commentary from Canopy Executive Director Nicole Rycroft underscore the beauty, richness, and importance of the forests. The native animals and communities that call this vital tropical rainforest home were highlighted from their recent photo field trip. This included:

  • The signing of a declaration by the mayor of Aceh Timur to establish an elephant barrier to prevent human/wildlife conflict. The barrier includes a grove of citrus trees whose scent elephants just don’t like.
  • Rescued elephants in Tangkahan, Sumatra. Baby elephants are returned to the wild; adults are trained to patrol with forest rangers for poachers, illegal logging and land clearing.
  • An exquisite female orangutan blowing kisses near the Ketambe Research Station
  • A majestic, endangered Sumatran tiger – one of less than 500 left of the only surviving subspecies of tiger that once lived on Indonesia’s islands
  • A young girl growing up in Tangkahan with more economic opportunities than her parents because of her village’s shift from poaching to an eco-tourism business cooperative.

…and so much more.

The photos and stories in Canopy’s campaign are beautiful and touching while underscoring the importance of reversing the destruction and deforestation of planet Earth.  The tropical rainforest in the Leuser Ecosystem provides a unique source of carbon sequestration  in its deep and expansive peat lands.  Yet, logging and deforestation have made the area the third largest source of greenhouse gases on the planet, second only to China and the U.S.  Unchecked logging for paper and pulp products and deforestation to make way for profitable palm oil plantations are putting enormous stress on the communities, wildlife, and environment of the region. The number of species facing destruction or even extinction is growing.

That’s why Canopy is working with area forest companies, communities, and local government to address ecological, social, and financial issues to establish conservation policies that will benefit all.  Most of all, neither Canopy, EarthColor, nor any other partners want to see the loss or extermination of any of the species that inhabit the Leuser world.

To learn more about Canopy’s latest efforts to preserve Indonesia’s endangered Leuser Ecosystem, visit The details of our work with Canopy and other ENGOs are highlighted in our award winning 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form here.


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