5 Key Ingredients of Any Successful Marketing Campaign

Regardless of which channels you use in a marketing campaign, every campaign should adhere to certain guidelines. Communication among the various players (and partners) who are responsible for a campaign is crucial. Now is not the time to evoke a “who’s-on-first” scenario. Coordination is mandatory, as are these five key ingredients:

  1. Clearly defined objectives. It’s important to sit down with the appropriate marketing team members to discuss your campaign’s goals. Goals should be as specific and measurable as possible. For instance, if you’re a retailer and need to increase sales in some of your stores, identify specifically what results you want. Are there particular stores where you need to bump up sales? Do you want to increase business on certain days – or certain times of day? What type of customer are you targeting? What products are you promoting? A campaign to promote baby supplies to new moms won’t look, read, or sound anything like a campaign to entice high schoolers to buy video games.
  1. Channel integration. An important issue to address, is what channels to use in what campaign and how best to coordinate their usage. Many corporations still haven’t integrated their various marketing groups. The print production and design staff may not work side-by-side with the email marketing team. The social media team could be completely separate. These silos present a challenge. A coordinated channel plan is vital.
  1. Fueled by data to ensure relevancy. Customers demand a customized experience from marketers. They respond best to relevant and personalized messaging and promotional offers. This requires extensive knowledge about their shopping and buying behaviors in addition to demographic data. In a survey of over 3,000 marketing professionals, over 77% of those polled showed confidence in the data-driven marketing approach. Among the channels that survey respondents used for customer engagement, direct mail and catalogs were used by 37%.
  1. Strong visual identity. Every campaign should have a memorable visual identity that catches peoples’ eyes. Certainly, it should be consistent with your overall brand identity. Logo design (and placement) as well as the use of color, imagery and other graphics will help make a lasting impression on your market and reinforce your company’s brand. Make sure that your visual identity is implemented in every channel of a campaign – from direct mail to web site to email marketing as well as in social media posts.
  1. High ROI. A strong return on your investment must be taken into account as you create a campaign and build its budget. At the conclusion of the campaign you need to evaluate the actual results against your original budget. If the ROI is high, then it helps justify spending for the future. It is important to measure your efforts in each channel and determine which were the most and least effective. You also will want to track customer engagement at every stage of the campaign.

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