Beyond Our Borders: Accelerating the Journey – How We Are Working to Ensure a Sustainable Future for Us All

Time is of the essence.  Every day, we lose ground on protecting the forests, natural resources and biodiversity of our ecosystem.  That’s why we’re passionate supporters of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and why Beyond Our Borders has been one of the key principles of the EarthColor Sustainability EcoSystem for many years.

As your print partner, it is incumbent on us to work closely with you, our suppliers and a range of environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs) here and abroad who are working to reduce our footprint and create a more sustainable future.  We’re making progress.

Through our partnerships with the Appalachian Carbon Partnership (ACP) and Community Energy, Inc. (CEI), we are doing our part to save energy and increase access to renewable, reliable and affordable sources, a key tenet of UN SDG #7.

  • We purchase more than 1,000 metric tons of ACP carbon offset credits each year, saving energy and helping more than 350 small landowners maintain 200,000 plus acres in seven southern states.
  • We continue to promote wind and solar-generated energy by purchasing CEI Green-e® Energy Certified RECs (Renewable Energy Credits), offsetting all of our electricity usage.

Our work with several other ENGOs is having an impact both locally and globally on our forests and the species that inhabit them – activity that advances UN SDGs # 13 (climate change) and #15 (sustainable ecosystems).

  • This summer, we are funding the second catch-and-release research program by Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ (CWFNJ), which is working to monitor and save the endangered Northern Long Eared Bat in Jersey forests. 
  • We’re proud of our six-year partnership with Canopy, an international organization at the forefront of efforts to protect the world’s rainforests, species and climate.  Canopy was instrumental in achieving the historic Great Bear Rainforests Agreements in British Columbia, Canada earlier this year.  They continue to focus on efforts to protect Quebec’s Broadback Boreal Forest and the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia.
  • We worked closely with Prairie Pulp & Paper on the development of an innovative agriculture-based paper.  The result – Step Forward Paper™ made of 60% wheat straw waste and 40% FSC®-certified wood fiber – is now part of our product offering.
  • As a founding member of the Sustainable Media Council (SMC), we’re working with other businesses and two non-profits to identify how to increase the sustainability of the graphic communications industry via education and new automated Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) programs.

The details of our work with these ENGOs are highlighted in our award winning 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form here.  Visit to learn more about UN Sustainable Development Goals/

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