Sustainable Supply Chains: Mapping the Journey

How We Keep In Step with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

We can get there from here. We can create a world where our resources are protected and cultivated, climate change is controlled and our environmental footprint is minimized.  These goals were the impetus for elevating the steps in our manufacturing process to the newest principle in the EarthColor Sustainability Ecosystem: Sustainable Supply Chains.  This core value is one way we keep in step with the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and our own commitment to our world.  Providing innovative, safe, resilient and sustainable infrastructures, manufacturing and transport systems for your business is embodied in Goals 9 and 11.

What does a sustainable supply chain mean for you and your print communications?  First, it ensures that every link in the manufacturing chain – from the raw materials we source to the design, eco-engineering and production processes we follow – meets international standards for sustainability and chain-of-custody.  Our performance at each step is measured by the new G4 guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).  We continue to work closely with our client and supplier partners as well as scientists, government and environmental non-government organizations (ENGOs) to achieve our targets.

We’ve adopted the 12 principles of green chemistry to guide our journey to new and safer alternative inks, coatings and chemicals.  As a result, in 2015 we significantly reduced our levels of energy usage by 183,444 million tons; greenhouse gases (GHGs) by 64.79 mil pounds; volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) by 18 percent each.  We’re implementing reuse and recycling plans and perfected a unique air cleaning system to capture off gases from our manufacturing process.  We currently recycle 99.5% of our manufacturing waste.

When it comes to the delivery of goods at the end of the supply chain, we’ve got you covered.  In 2015, 63 percent of our carriers were SmartWay® partners, representing 54 percent of our annual transportation spend.  The end result is improved fuel efficiencies and reduced emissions from GHGs and HAPs, all of which will contribute to controlling climate change.

More details of EarthColor’s sustainable supply chain principle can be found in our 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.  If you’re interested in receiving a copy, please fill out the form here. [add link]  Visit to learn more about the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. 

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