Mail Anywhere – One Permit, Thousands of Choices

Do you send mail from multiple locations? Lots of companies do.

A common method for controlling in-home dates more precisely on national mailings is to induct mail at geographically diverse Post Offices located close to delivery destinations. Other companies may have several sites and submit mailings at Post Offices most convenient to each production facility.

In the past, such practices required mailers to obtain and pay for a separate permit at each Post Office where they planned to deposit mail. Companies sometimes paid annually only to discover they never sent mail from some of the Post Offices where they held permits. A new program from the USPS called Mail Anywhere allows mailers to establish a single permit that enables them to submit mailings at thousands of USPS Business Mail acceptance sites across the country. This change gives mailers and mail service providers more flexibility in where their mail enters the delivery network.

Participation in the Mail Anywhere program requires application by the mail owner or their mail service provider, such as EarthColor. Qualifying factors include the mailer’s past use of Full Service Intelligent Mail barcodes and data from the Postal Service’s verification systems. Most high volume mailers are already compliant in this regard. Mail Anywhere covers First Class cards and letters, Standard Class, Bound Printed Matter (flats only), and Periodical letters and flats. The program is free.

Save Money, Simplify Administration

Mailers can exhaust their existing stock of materials bearing any of their valid permit numbers. The application process identifies the permits to combine. Closing permits when they come up for renewal will save mailers on fees. Ordering larger quantities of envelopes with a single permit indicia can allow mailers to take advantage of volume discounts, simplifies inventory, and eliminates mistakes caused by using an envelope with the wrong permit. Uniting postal accounting under a single permit number simplifies the administration and tracking of postage expenses throughout an enterprise.

As an added benefit, the Postal Service will waive the presort fee assessed by the office issuing the permit. Mailers must send at least 90% of their Mail Anywhere volume as Full Service to qualify for the fee waiver.

Unless you prepare mailings yourself, your mail service provider will take care of all the details to apply for Mail Anywhere. You can even switch to EarthColor after qualifying for Mail Anywhere through a different service provider. We can amend our application to include your permits. When applying to the program for the first time make sure to inform us about all the permit numbers you want to combine. The Postal Service will not automatically connect existing permits.

We know mail can be confusing sometimes. EarthColor has experts on staff to answer your questions, make your mail work for you, and lower your expenses. Contact us anytime to start saving money with the Mail Anywhere program.

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