There is No Unsubscribe Button for Direct Mail

It is no surprise that most people get too much email. Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes use email to deliver news about themselves, information about products, and tantalizing offers. There is a ton of spam, but many of the messages delivered to email inboxes come from parties with whom the recipient has had a relationship or interest at some point. But volume keeps growing and to many of us email has reached the saturation point.

To make room in their schedules for dealing with the emails they view as important, many consumers and business contacts respond to email bloat by clicking the unsubscribe button. If they drop messages they don’t want anymore, the chances of missing something critical, like reminders to pay the electric bill, are reduced.

Email recipients are saying goodbye to daily emails from car rental companies they never use, and so long to hotel chains they only stayed with once. To the office supply stores that send email twice a week, past customers are saying “It’s been nice knowing you. If we run out of toner we’ll be in touch”.

Direct Mailers Get to Call the Shots
Relying on email as the solitary communication channel is perilous. When customers and prospects deal with email fatigue by unsubscribing it becomes difficult to re-engage. This is especially problematic if an email address is the only avenue of contact.

Direct mail has no unsubscribe button. Nor do postal carriers stand before consumer mail boxes like a spam filter tossing out mail that’s obviously not relevant. If an organization sends postal mail, the recipient is probably going to see it.

People may complain about “junk mail”, but what they really dislike is irrelevant material. Consumers say properly targeted and personalized mail is the most acceptable method for organizations to approach them with unsolicited messages about products and services in which they may be interested. Mailers who have made investments in creative design, production, and postage have purchased the privilege of reaching out to potential customers. If they do so with integrity they have an excellent chance of developing a beneficial relationship that drives future business.

Multiple Opportunities to Vary the Offer
Because direct mail recipients have no easy way to instantly remove themselves from the mailing list, mailers can try different approaches and offers until one of the messages resonates. This is a huge advantage direct mail marketing has over email communications where consumers may view such approaches as intrusive and objectionable. Upon receiving a series of similar messages they may unsubscribe, or worse, report the emails as spam before the marketer makes a meaningful connection.

Well-designed direct mail done intelligently has lots of advantages over email. This is a good time to reach customers through their relatively unpopulated postal mail box to build awareness and acquire leads.

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