It’s a Digital World Out There
And A Good Digital Asset Management System Can Be Your Best Friend

Everything you need to create your printed marketing communications starts with a digital file. Photos, logos, videos, audio clips and other creative assets all have two things in common. (1) They’re the building blocks of your brand and your marketing message. (2) They can all be easily stored, managed, accessed, and protected in a digital asset management (DAM) environment.

Today, more and more businesses have a DAM – from small-to-large manufacturers, ad & creative agencies and photographers, universities, news organizations and media companies. (Even international recording artist/media mogul Beyoncé Knowles has a DAM!) Why? In our global communications environment, you need a system that serves as a marketing and technology tool to help you manage and protect your brand worldwide.

That’s why a digital asset management system like EarthColor’s AIM (Active image management) platform becomes an important component of your marketing mix. By storing your digital content in a secure, centralized “library,” you can organize and manage your electronic assets, create new material, distribute content to your internal and external stakeholders, and archive and protect your files for future use.

Key Benefits of a Good DAM System

There are many pluses and safeguards built into a good DAM system that ensures that your message stays within brand standards.

  • Easy, secured access to your customized digital library via web browser or mobile device
  • Brand control and consistency on a local and global level
  • Increased productivity and efficiency via a process controlled system designed to locate, retrieve and share content quickly
  • Cost-effective and efficient systems in line with your marketing needs
  • Speed-to-market connection with brand partners, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Built-in safeguards to approve and track downloaded files
  • Central archive that can be revisited and repurposed to extend your brand.
  • Administrator limits user account access for viewing, editing, downloading and uploading

As our digital world continues to expand, we’ll all need to keep pace with effective DAM systems that support and protect our brand marketing communications. To find out how we can help you design and manage a Digital Asset Management system for your next print communications, contact your EarthColor representative or visit us at

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