C’mon! Reach out and Touch!

One of the most powerful ways someone can interact with your printed material is to reach out and touch it. This is the power of dimensional mail. It is the power of pop-ups and foldouts. It is the power of Scodix SENSE.

Scodix SENSE applies a layer of polymer as the fifth separation on top of the printed image. This gives you a raised, 3D effect up to 250 microns. It also provides a gloss level higher than selective varnish.

Let your creativity roam free! Imagine printing an elephant with lifelike texture to its skin, a football that makes you feel like Peyton Manning when you touch it, or a fashion model wearing a suede jacket that looks like the real thing. The density of the polymer can be varied from 1% to 100%, giving you tremendous opportunities for variation and realism.  (View the video of pieces printed with Scodix SENSE below.)

What is this worth to your marketing goals? It’s hard to put a number on it, but studies have shown that items enhanced with Scodix achieve 92% increased view time, and readers give 76% higher attention to items enhanced with Scodix.[1] Imagine applying this power to direct mail, posters, packaging, catalogs, annual reports, and more!

Scodix SENSE does more than add texture. With a maximum height equivalent to Braille lettering, shapes take on new dimension and form. Lettering pops off the page. When used creatively, Scodix SENSE gives your pieces eye-catching texture, dimension, and gloss.

Scodix is a full digital process, so you can add customization and personalization, too. Unlike traditional embossing, which requires the creation of a costly physical die and limits you to a static piece, you can vary the content from one piece to another.

When someone prints with Scodix SENSE, readers will want to pick up your piece and interact with it. In fact, when people see a piece printed with Scodix SENSE, 60% reach out and touch it[1]. Once someone takes hold of the physical piece, they also take ownership. That means greater retention of your message. That translates into higher conversion rates.

Want to know more about Scodix SENSE? Feel the power for yourself. Ask us for a free sample!

[1] Source: Institut Schantz, Neubauer & Partner


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