Thinking Opulence? Think Soft Touch®

Looking to give your print projects a luxurious and sophisticated look? Try Soft Touch® aqueous coating.

Like other print enhancements (defined as anything beyond basic ink on paper), Soft Touch® enhances branding, increases audience engagement, and holds readers’ attention longer. This gives you the best chance at making an impact and getting your message through.

A study by Sappi Fine Paper shows that printed materials that provide sensations related to paper (such as texture, color, and weight), when combined with other enhancements such as Scodix SENSE, Spot UV, or LiquidMetal, increase sales by 18%.

How do you maximize your advantage with the Soft Touch® technique?

  1. Target high-end consumers and the luxury market.

Soft Touch® works great on projects such as high-end brochures, booklets, and event programs. Try it on materials to be used at classy event.

  1. Use Soft Touch when experience is part of the message.

Calvin Jackson, owner and creative director of The LemonAd Stand in Chicago, IL, uses Soft Touch® when the message benefits from direct experience marketing. “As soon as you touch a piece using Soft Touch®, you experience something completely different from what you normally do when picking up a piece of promotional material,” he says.

  1. Use it to enhance dark colors.

When used with Soft Touch®, darker colors take on a deeper, more opulent appearance. Jackson recommends using Soft Touch® over black enhanced with Scodix or spot varnish to make the raised or glossy images pop off the softer background.

  1. Attract environmentally sensitive clients.

Soft Touch® is water-based, so it is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional film lamination.

  1. Enhanced branding.

If you’ve handled one a piece using Soft Touch®, you know how powerful it can be. It stands out, it’s memorable, and it is something that recipients will remember. This makes it perfect for increasing brand recognition.

Some other tips for using Soft Touch?

  • Avoid areas of heavy moisture or exposure to the elements.
  • Avoid areas where there may be grease (which can stain the surface)
  • Protect pieces entering the postal stream. If you will be doing a mailing, consider using a clear envelope.

If you haven’t yet tried Soft Touch, it’s something you want experience for yourself. Call us for a free sample.

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