Automate Your Marketing with These Cost-Saving Perks

We love working with our clients to help them design and develop campaigns and collateral. Some of the projects are meant for one-time or special purpose use. Often though, a marketing strategy consists of several different pieces meant to be deployed multiple times or triggered on-demand by events or customer actions. In that case, we’ll work together with our clients to design templates that can ensure brand identity, embrace variability and personalization, and shorten the timelines for future campaigns.

Templates built with data mapping and business rules allow our customers to take advantage of EarthColor’s automation tools which reduce costs and shorten time-to-market. Once templates are set up, our clients log into their accounts, set parameters, and submit print jobs. Because all the creative and configuration work is already done, we can get the perfect pieces mailed to the right people in just a day or two.

Our secret is called am4m – Automated Manufacturing for Marketing. am4m is a set of submission interfaces that enable EarthColor’s automated production and distribution workflows to turn jobs around on short notice. Web2Print, Cloud2Print, and Data2Print submission modules provide EarthColor clients with the flexibility to generate high quality printed material whenever they need it. Built-in controls and pre-authorized text, images, colors, and fonts make it easy to create print jobs. The process is nearly foolproof.

Because EarthColor integrates work submitted via am4m with our automated production workflows, clients gain the advantage of lower postage costs. Even small jobs that might otherwise be posted at full rates benefit from our built-in mail consolidation processes.

Here is brief overview of our 3 submission models. An EarthColor expert can work with you to pick a submission model that fits your company needs.

Web2Print allows your sales force to choose, customize, order, and send print collateral right from their desktops and mobile devices. There is no need for them to submit requests to the marketing department and no chance of sending out obsolete or unapproved content.

Cloud2Print captures image assets and data from your internal systems. We merge these elements with templates created and approved by your creative team. Business rules allow for precise targeting and personalization. We can produce and mail impactful material meant for an audience of one.

Data2Print connects EarthColor’s data experts to client data files and templates. Our team peruses the data to communicate with customers via your creative print assets in a personal and precise manner.

EarthColor’s print automation tools eliminate much of the work associated with creating and producing print campaigns. Clients control their messaging and exploit the power of segmentation and personalization without spending time managing the details of every project.

For a brief introduction to am4m, visit our website or watch the video below.

Are you interested in am4m? Contact us today! We’ll explain how our automation capabilities can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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