Why It Pays to Personalize Your Print Campaigns

We want what we want. While this statement could be a sound bite from a roomful of kindergartners, it also describes all of us – doesn’t it?

Whether it’s choosing a restaurant, a vacation destination, new clothing, books to read, a mobile phone provider, and on and on, we base our choices on personal preferences.

So it makes sense that marketers in 2016 are focusing on how to promote their products in increasingly personalized ways. Customers react to targeted offers at a much higher rate than static offers. The CMO Council reported that the response rate for targeted direct mail is 4.4% – as compared with only 0.12% for email.

The key to creating personalized communications for your customers and prospects is that 4-letter word: data. It’s time for marketers to accept that all of the data they have been collecting about their market is valuable, and it should be analyzed for usage in their print campaigns.

According to global consulting and research firm McKinsey & Company, personalized marketing is one of the trends that will matter most for American retailers. The company recommends that marketers “get serious” about using data analytics for their communications. Leverage your customer data when developing variable data print campaigns to create targeted marketing.

Print remains highly effective as a marketing channel. The CMO Council reported that 79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately, as opposed to 45% who report they deal with their email that quickly.

There’s also some behavioral science behind the power of personalization. Certain words act as behavior triggers – making these words worth more than others. We don’t really read most of the content that comes our way these days; rather, we “skim and scan” it. So every word you use in your marketing campaigns matters.

One eye magnet word is (no surprise here) your own name. In fact, a person’s name is both an ear and an eye magnet. No wonder why personalized printing is effective.

A personalized print campaign is made possible by variable data print technologies, and we have been helping our clients leverage these technology systems very successfully for years. In fact, personalized print strategy and execution is an EarthColor specialty.

Direct mail already has a higher engagement rate than email. By making your print campaigns relevant and targeted through data integration, you can increase the value of that printed piece.

Get in touch with us today to start this conversation. We’ll explain how we can work with your creative teams to maximize the customer data you regularly collect, and then strategize to create an effective and eye-catching one-to-one print campaign that gets noticed.

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