Shout-Outs to Great 2015 Direct Mail Campaigns

What make a great direct mail piece? Is it the creative? The technical complexity? The integration with other channels? What makes it stand out from all the others? Increasing marketing ROI?

As the year wraps up, we’d like to take a look at three great direct mail campaigns from 2015. These campaigns are not only smart and creative, but they can also be replicated by a wide variety of clients and industry verticals.

Bellagio Resort & Casino: First we want to recognize our client and partner Bellagio Resort & Casino, who helped us win a Printing Impressions’ Gold Ink Award this year.

Winning pieces were chosen based on print quality, technical difficulty and overall visual effect. EarthColor received the award in the Dimensional Printing category for the Bellagio Resort & Casino Las Vegas 2015 New Year’s Eve Invitation, which was enhanced using Scodix SENSE™.

In case you aren’t familiar with Scodix SENSE™, it is a state-of-the-art print enhancement technology that transforms ordinary print and mail pieces into extraordinary pieces of art. Scodix uses a clear polymer that is printed directly onto the piece to create a three dimensional effect up to 250 microns high. Want a football to look like a football? Want the skin on an elephant to look like you can reach out and scratch him? That’s what Scodix can do. According to studies by Scodix, items enhanced with this technology receive 76% more attention and receive 92% increased view time.

If you haven’t seen samples of Scodix, give one of our sales consultants a call. You’ll understand why these pieces get such incredible results.

Personalized Happy Birthday to Facebook card: Direct mail doesn’t have to be complex to be great. We also want to give props to a company that sends personalized birthday wishes.

The company mails out — yes, postal mail, not email —personalized cards a few days in advance of its customers’ birthdays. When the card is opened, the recipient is offered well wishes and sees his or her name spelled out in icing on a birthday cake. But here’s the cool thing — the birthday boy or girl is encouraged to take a selfie with the card and post it to the company’s Facebook page for a chance to win a prize.

This simple but effective approach gets customers engaged with the company on social media. The world is selfie-crazy, and even more than taking selfies, people like to look at other people’s selfies. Get people to post their selfies on your Facebook page and you’ll get them to poke around, exposing them to more of your products and services along the way. Hilarious selfies may also be shared, indirectly multiplying the marketer’s social media exposure.

Multichannel Lapsed Customer Re-Activation: In PODi’s 2015 case study database, we came across a campaign that is subtle but illustrates the best of great marketing. It’s a customer re-activation campaign for the lapsed clients of a U.K.-based optician. The campaign used a lot of “hidden” elements, including careful timing, segmentation, and use of video that made it really stand out.

To reactivate lapsed clients, the optician sent a personalized mailer that encouraged recipients to log into a personalized URL to get more information on eye care and receive a coupon for their next visit. The mailing was segmented into four age and gender demographic groups, with the messaging and imagery appropriate to each group.

When people logged into their personalized URLs, they were met with a video (rather than text) so respondents could quickly absorb information on the optician’s services. They were asked to answer questions about elements of their lifestyles that might impact their eye care needs (such as skiing, golf, or swimming). This raised awareness of need that recipients might not have otherwise thought of. They were then asked to reconfirm their contact details, allowing the practice to update its database and gather fields it might be missing.

The optician’s sales team received two automatic alerts during the campaign: when people landing on the personalized landing page and when they requested the voucher. This allowed the sales team to immediately reach out and book appointments with people requesting the voucher and follow up with those who landed on the page but didn’t request the voucher.

Those not vising the landing page at all received an email reminder a few days after the mail drop and then again three weeks later. The emails used highly creative subject lines, such as “What do you do 14,280 times per day?” and “Do you know which body organ can’t be transplanted?” These questions both enticed people to open the email and raised awareness of the need for eye care at the same time.

The results? 500% return on marketing investment. That includes everything: printing, postage, website, emails, and the incentive offer. That’s a great campaign!

Want to learn more about how any of these ideas can be put into action for you? Send us a message.

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