Reasons to be Thankful for Print

Every year, we take a look at reasons we are thankful for print. In a world going increasingly digital, it’s important for all of us to continue to remind ourselves why print still plays a huge role in marketing success.

1. Print provides choice.
Sure, consumers are in love with mobile, social, and online media. But print provides choice.
Your favorite food may be Chicago-style pepperoni pizza, but you don’t want it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day for the rest of your life. Likewise, consumers need a variety of channels to meet a range of needs, tastes, and preferences depending on the situation.
This is why marketers are increasingly giving consumers the choice of how they want to be communicated with for both transactional and marketing communications. For example, we found many telecom customers claim they will change providers if their channel preferences for print or online messaging aren’t honored.
It’s also why multichannel campaigns work so well. You never know what channel is going to give your customers that final piece in the puzzle or break through the clutter at any given moment.

2. Brains love print.
We often focus on the value of print as a tangible medium, offering benefits to the senses that electronic media don’t. What we don’t hear as much about is that the brain fundamentally responds to print differently than it does electronic media.
Studies have shown that information in print is impressed more deeply into the brain. Readers can also locate and retain information better in print than they do online. In fact, a recent study of Kindle readers found that recall of details was “significantly worse” on the e-reader than in print.
For certain subjects that require deep analysis, print can play a critical role in the decision-making process.

3. Print morphs. Print isn’t just marketing collateral, postcards, and trifold mailers. Print is a dynamic channel that does so much more than just lay flat.
Dimensional mail is exploding on the scene as the costs come down and template-based options bring it into the wheelhouse of even smaller marketers. Dimensional mail opens, closes, slides, pops up, opens out accordion style. It reaches out and grabs you. Print also serves as a direct link to other channels. With augmented reality, QR Codes, web keys, and even embedded video screens, print can do so much more than communicate as a tangible medium. In itself, print is cross-media.

There are many more reasons to be thankful for print, but these three aren’t discussed as much as they should. So let’s give a shout-out to some of the most overlooked benefits of this amazing channel.

If you had to give thanks for print, what would you say?

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