Have You Found the Secret Weapon to Making Your Print Outstanding?

How many marketing messages do you think you see every day? Take a guess.  

Many sources say it’s somewhere in the 300 – 700 range, while others put this number as high as 20,000. Regardless, our brain simply can’t handle such a staggering amount of information overload, so we learn to tune most messages out.

What if we told you there’s a secret weapon you can apply to your printed materials that would significantly increase their effectiveness – and get them noticed?

We’re talking about a unique type of print enhancement that applies a clear layer of polymer over a printed sheet and gives it eye-catching texture, dimension, and gloss. For many of our customers, such as luxury brands, retailers, resort hotels and casinos, we have substantially increased the “wow factor” of their printed collateral through these premium enhancements.

This state-of-the-art technology is Scodix SENSE, and it has the power to catapult your printed 2D materials into 3D attention grabbers just begging to be lingered over.

Most of the daily marketing messages we receive appeal to one sense only: the sense of sight. Intrinsically, none of them stand out. That’s precisely why special effects like texture, dimension and high gloss have a great impact on printed materials.

According to a recent study, marketers should appeal to multiple senses to get their messages noticed. By doing so, “…marketers can cut through the morass of explicit (typically visual) advertising messages to provoke more effective positive brand associations in the minds of their consumers.”

With premium print enhancements, you appeal to one’s sense of touch as well as sight. Your print materials are memorable.

What exactly is this special technology?

The magic of Scodix SENSE is in the dramatic special effects it creates digitally. In a nutshell, it’s a unique, post-printing process done in one pass by a single operator. The technology lays down a 5th separation – a clear polymer – on top of a printed sheet. It enhances what’s underneath it by creating texture and dimension.

There are different special effects you can get, such as

  • A 3D effect, creating multiple textures and shapes;
  • Different densities of the polymer layer, from 1% to 100%;
  • Intense, high-gloss images that are up to 100 times higher gloss than selective varnish.

You can also personalize your print enhancements for increased relevance. For example, you can Scodix SENSE names over a printed image or simply over a solid color. The personalization jumps off the page really nicely.

It’s also a super-efficient process. Typically, printed materials go through several passes to create multiple textures. The Scodix SENSEtechnology creates multiple effects in a single pass. Registration happens in a single lay down. This means that your jobs are printed and delivered faster.

Turn your print into an experience

If you’re ready to engage your audience with unique special effects that appeal to multiple senses, ask us for information on our premium print enhancements. Studies done by the technology’s manufacturer show that enhanced print generates 76% higher attention and 92% increased view time. (Source: Institut Schantz, Neubauer & Partner)

As beautiful as your premium marketing materials may be, they can pack a more powerful and memorable punch when they’re enhanced. Improve their effectiveness with enhanced print, which has the power to fascinate and engage.

Tell us about the latest print enhancements you have seen recently.

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