How to Store Your Digital Assets in Our AIM Service

AIM – EarthColor’s Digital Asset Management system – is an innovative tool that will help you manage, locate, distribute, and safeguard the most important digital assets of your company’s communications.

It’s designed to accommodate a wide range of assets – photographs, logos, graphic images, branding guidelines, templates, and print collateral as well as video, audio and MS Office files. Simply put, it will facilitate your process for storing, searching, sharing, and managing your digital files efficiently and cost effectively.

How AIM Benefits You

AIM enables you to improve your asset workflow and storage capabilities while controlling your digital content in a real time, 24/7 web-based environment. Through this system, you can distribute and manage file access, maintain and update brand identities and file versions, and track asset usage. Users have secured access to view, download and convert images to other formats automatically.

The value that EarthColor’s AIM system brings to the table is evident in four key areas.

  • Your assets are password protected and maintained in a secured facility. The AIM system keeps track of and reports all user logins, changes and files that have been accessed.
  • Asset Management. Image files can be easily modified and converted with adjustments to format, scale, size and image resolution to meet user requirements.
  • Search and Sort. Users can customize and record how assets are viewed in their user profile. Files can be located by name, file type or metadata that includes advanced search logic.
  • Managing Workflow. You determine how the process will be managed by first providing a PDF catalog of approved images and documents. The system is designed to incorporate instructions that will facilitate collaboration, accuracy, editing, and approval time. Registered users are kept up to date on new assets, restrictions, updates, and image alterations.

How AIM Works

You determine the digital assets you want AIM to manage, the content and designated file formats, and the users approved to access them. Whether you choose to catalog your brand’s logos and graphic images, or create a complete library of your print communications and digital assets for your customers and stakeholders to utilize, we’ll work with you to design a solution that meets your objectives.

Once you have your unique AIM home page organized with folders of your digital asset portfolio, the process of locating and retrieving your digital assets is easy and secure.

To find out more about AIM and how it can help you manage your assets and improve your workflow production, check out our AIM webpage.

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