“Made in New Jersey”
A Recap of New Jersey’s Manufacturing Day

Did you know that manufacturing continues to play an important role in the US economy? According to the 2014 United States Manufacturing Facts report, last year the United States produced a total manufacturing output of $1.4 trillion dollars and employed 12.2 million people. Manufacturing also accounts for 86.42 % share of US total goods exports.

To inspire the next generation of manufacturers, National Manufacturing Day was created to celebrate modern manufacturing on the first Friday of October each year. Since its creation in 2012, leaders of a broad variety of manufacturing companies from around the country have gathered to share their experiences and discuss current issues.

For its part, EarthColor with headquarters in Parsippany, NJ, has actively partnered with the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP). to spread awareness about sustainable business practices as a part of its manufacturing processes. This year, NJMEP hosted its 4th annual National Manufacturing Day on October 2nd. Under the banner “Made in New Jersey,” highlights of this event included: keynote speeches by Carroll Thomas, Director of Hollings Manufacturing Extension Program and Dennis Bone, Director of Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship at Montclair State. The remainder of the day included panel discussions, and announcing the winners of the annual New Jersey Manufacturing Awards.

EarthColor’s very own David Podmayersky, Chief Sustainability Officer served on a panel that focused on efforts to create a renaissance in sustainable efficient manufacturing practices in New Jersey and throughout the USA. Joining David were two other industry leaders, Dax Strohmeyer, President, Triangle Manufacturing Co. Inc. and Scott Maurer, President, OPEX International. They discussed “Case Studies – Manufacturing in New Jersey; Challenges and Opportunities.” The moderator of the discussion was David Rubin, Principal – Risk and Business Advisory – National Director CohnReznick Advisory Group.

Building on his extensive experience in creating many of EarthColor’s award winning best practices, Podmayersky spoke to issues related to creating competitive advantage via using sustainability as a comprehensive business model. He also shared his insights on sustainable branding in conjunction with social media as a method to highlight a company’s core values. Efficient eco-engineering practices and social design are examples of how products and brands can develop programs that enhance their brand. As David noted, “People want to be part of EarthColor’s commitment to sustainability, including many of our competitors who have adopted elements of our programs. “ If you would like to learn more about EarthColor’s sustainability initiatives, click here to request a copy of its 2015-2016 Sustainability Report.

If you would like to learn about New Jersey Manufacturing Day, visit the recap page. Don’t forget, if you missed this year’s event, save the date for the first Friday in October 2016!

Did you attend a National Manufacturing Day event in your location? Let us know your thoughts below.

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